Women Formal Shirts: Your Ultimate Guide to Styling and Wearing Them

Women have started working in many industries and organizations, but professionally dressing up is still a struggle for many. The way you dress will show your professionalism and lets others perceive you as a corporate professional. Formal shirts for women are elegant, simple, and they can be worn to the office on any day.

The formal shirt or dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar, sleeves and cuffs. They are normally made from a cotton mix or woven fabric. Formal shirts for women are available in solid colours such as sky blue, white, navy and classic stripes or checks to wear with any pant, trousers or skirt.

Full Sleeves Formal Shirt for women

Apart from choosing the right colour of the formal shirts, you need to ensure that the shirt fits your body correctly. Always wear a shirt that will fit you just right and rightly accentuate your body shape. Never buy a shirt that looks too small or too big.

Firstly, look for a shirt that fits well with your physique. If your body is slim you can buy slimmer well-fitted cut shirts. If you are little heavy you can consider buying a loose-fitting shirt.

Secondly, wear shirts according to your added apparel. If you choose a skinny or slim fit suit, you may find that the excess fabric of a regular fit shirt creating unnecessary bulges. Keep it lean and streamlined by sticking with a skinny or slim fit shirt.

Also, remember your shirt should allow for two fingers in the collar when buttoned up and the cuffs should not slip off your wrists without undoing the buttons.

Ditsy Print Formal Shirt for wome

Then you should also look out for the length of your sleeves. There are a half sleeve and full sleeve options available in formal shirts. If you are in a hot and humid country then choose half sleeve shirt and full sleeve during winters and also in an air-conditioned workspace.

Finally, tucking your shirt is also important. Start from the back and ensure your tail is tucked in correctly, and then move around to the front of your shirt. Ensure the shirt is smooth and even all the way around. Add a belt to your trouser and look completely formal.


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